Create Magic with what you have!

August 18, 2016


When we set out to cook a meal, most of us get stuck just at the beginning. What to cook? Feels like a huge mission. We open our fridges and there are only a few non-useful (as it seems) ingredients. We read up on some fancy recipes for inspiration and find out that we are bound to go and buy particular groceries to complete the mission. Wait! Wait! Hold on. Stop! Lets rewind. Cooking is about having fun, being creative, experimenting, using what we already have to create something new! At least thats our philosophy!

So, look again. What can you create out of what you have? Well if you only have onions, some feta and herbs, well why not make this delicious plate of roasted onions with thyme and feta, and I had some tomato chutney & olives, so I just throw it in there;) Let food set your creativity free!



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