Martinique Dream...

April 3, 2017

What an incredible journey! Martinique's nature is just so abundant, the first day we arrived it was like being able to breathe fully for a long time! Your skin was just like a sponge, soaking up every little ray of sunshine and your eyes were just drawn to all the vibrant green colours everywhere.


We had eight adventures and strong women with us on this journey. For one week we were to experience the beauty of this island and I was all about serving it on a plate:)


I soon became literally high on incredible local fruits and vegetables, from the biggest most delicious avocados I've ever seen to being able to serve fresh papaya for breakfast! I could return to this island just for that!


Every morning started with a guided yoga class with one of Pure Experiences yoga teachers, Camille or Alexia- inspiring poses to open the heart. Slowly but shortly the experience of Martinique become more then just an exterior exploration but also a profound inner exploration. 


Being able to be part of this kind of retreats are truly a series of unforgettable moments, mostly because of the people you meet, but also because of their authenticity, from the local food, the natural environment to honest relationships created. 


During the retreat our guests also had the possibility to enjoy private sessions with Camille, who also is a naturopath and relaxing massage with Alexia. I also had my own workshop, sharing tools on how to be more creative with food but also in daily life.


Feeling grateful to be able to share moments like these and to do what I love this most - Sharing my passion for food:)