Breathe in Nature - Latest Retreats in French Alps

May 23, 2017

Hello everyone!


Coming back to the city from the wild and peaceful nature of the mountains is not the easiest, but like in everything in life we all need balance. Balance to reconnect with oneself and to process the beautiful moments I have been so lucky to experince these last then days!


For the first retreat Nicola, who is one of our lovely Soul sisters, flew in from Scotland to cook with me for a retreat called HOME Project (which means Holotropic Original Medicine and Ecology (inner & outer), and the common denominator of all the HOME Project workshops is Holotropic Breathwork).

You can find out more information here.

This kind of retreat was probably one of the most powerful experiences I've experienced. It is so inspiring and heartwarming to see the transformation in people from when they arrive at the retreat, all strangers and far away in their own thoughts, to little by little everyday they bloom more and more into lights of love. It is like watching layers coming of until you rediscover what it actually is to be a human, which we often forget. How powerful the simple act of breathing is and how we often forget this in our every daily stressful lives. 






Dancing. Expression. Creativity. Music. Connection. Are powerful tools to reconnect with our deeper selves and our  own inner light.


To make this retreat even more magical, we were given a full double rainbow over the valley! I have never seen this before so it was a very special moment, which for me was a sign that I was at the exact right place, doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. Nicola and I had so much fun with inventing dishes from vegetables and herbs we found in the garden and in the wild, from nettle soup, to wild garlic pesto, to rhubarb and blueberry cake. It is truly a dream when you can share your passion with someone feeling the same way. We are in constant exchange of ideas and inspiration, enjoying bringing nature onto the plate and to see the smiles and transformation with soul food combined with the holistic practice. Also how people rediscover the power of food and feeling inspired to continue this journey later at home. 



After one week beautiful Soul sister Leslie came from Chamonix, to join me for a weekend yoga retreat at the same place ( Dojo de la Piaz, in Samoëns). Nicola continued her travels to Mallorca for her next retreat and we will be back in Dojo in November again for the same breathing retreat!:) 


At the Dojo, we were as usual welcomed by Philippe (the owner). If you ever come to this place you instantly feel the love and intention that he has cultivated here for so many years. It is like everything has its own soul, from the magic yoga studio looking over the mountains to the decorative details telling their own stories..

I always feel home when I am there, that why I keep coming back:)



To enjoy a hot tub in a wooden bath for my work break, with the view of the magnificent Alps, was something I didn't complain about:) And to finish our weekend Leslie and I enjoyed a spectacular walk called Fer á Cheval, which is a walk between steep mountain cliffs and several waterfalls. Being in this environment really fills you with abundance and gratitude. I also had the time for a beautiful photoshoot of Leslie who is pregnant, in front of the powerful waterfall, as a symbol of the energy of life.


Thank you all again for ten unforgettable days and I am so grateful for all your smiles and appreciation for the soulfood we received!


Can't wait to come back in November!:)


Lots of Love & Gratitude,