An Eco Farm Dream

August 27, 2017

"If you always do what you have always been doing you will always get what you always have gotten"


A quote I tend to live by as much as I can. To think outside of the box and to dare to dream. One of those recent dreams I've had for a few years have been to work on an eco farm. And suddenly my dream came to true this Summer. 


It seems like when things or places are too close to you, you tend to not notice them. And suddenly one day when you are paying a bit more attention to your surroundings you notice things/places you normally would take for granted. Well this was kind of how this farm dream of mine, came to be easier to create than I would ever have imagined. After researching eco farms all over the world, and then to realize that there is an award wining eco farm just 10 minutes from our house in Sweden was just incredible!


I will get to the farm dream shortly. But I just wanted to add a little insight I've learned this year. Do you know the book "The Alchemist" by Paolo Cohelo? Well if not read it! It's a beautiful philosophical tale with the message that often we need to travel far to realize the value right here and now. So for me after many years of traveling, living in seven different countries, I have come to see the magic and adventure in dicouvering my closest neighbourhood. You would be surprised how much you would discouver just by paying a little more attention when walking around your local streets. Suddenly you find hidden gems everywhere, may be a café you never really noticed where this sweet women serves amazing coffee or may be a bench from where you have the best view..sometimes these small moments are like if life itself is flirting with you, to once again fall in love with the present moment and not to always think "what's next".


So this Summer I came to discouver a little gem just around the corner-  Lilla Bjers, on Gotland( the island where I live). A farm where they grow 200 plants, from figs and safffron to the finest asparagus( which even have been served to the royal family of Sweden). The farm is own by a lovely Swedish family who has the best sense of humour and the most impressive working ethics. I was so inspired by their skills in old crafts and knowledge about the plants. Knowing everything from old calligraphy script, making beautiful pieces in wood and even fire breathing.


It is truly a bliss to watch things grow and finally harvest an abundance of colourful produce. Going back to the way we lived before, living from the land and valuing what the soil brought us, knowing the seasons, the properties of different plants, using our hands to create...these days of modern technology I feel more and more that you should value this type of work. Soon everyone will know how to create code and make fancy apps, but who will know how to grow their own food? Carve wood? Build things with their hands? Even write by hand? I guess I'm just an oldschool kind of girl, but I do highly recpect people with these talents and skills and I hope to learn as much as I can to from them.


I truly feel that this is a special journey I'm entering right now and that the time at Lilla Bjers was just the beginning..;)
























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