Soulfood for a Film Crew

October 25, 2017

This was probably one of my biggest challenges so far but propbably also one of the most gratifying ones!


Since my boyfriend works in the film industry it has been great that we can combine both our passions. He helps me time to time to film my events and photograph me and my food. And I help him make his film crew healthier and be able to film long hours with nutritious soul food:)


This time the challenge was to make food for people who normally wouldn’t eat vegetarian. And definitely not vegan. 


But the challlnge was accepted and I took it on with all my heart(as usual;)). I love to tune into every group I cook for and I really take time to connect with my intuition of what I will cook. 


It’s often the men who are skeptical at first and often assume that there is no protein in the food. But after a couple of days they start to sense a transformation in their body, a change in their energy level and metabolism and suddenly there is this beautiful aha moment. 

Ah! So you can be satisfied and full from not eating meat?! And even feel good? Yep! That’s one thing I just love with my job! To inspire people to look at food differently and that they can by themselves feel the difference in their body.


I will never promote that people should eat a certain way, everybody is free to feel what they need. But if people get inspire by my food and eat a bit less meat every week for the planet, then my mission is complete!:)


Glutenfree carrot muffins with pecans 

Caramelized apples and cinnamon

Oat porridge 

Beetroot rice with falafel & tahini citrus yoghurt drizzle 

Black bean & mushroom burgers with crushed avocado,pickled red onion, chili mayo & quinoa salad 



Glutenfree feta & zucchini breakfast muffins 

Chia berry pudding 

Me recieving flowers as a thank you for my soul food:)

Glutenfree banana chocolate muffins


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