Giving Space to Breathe

November 22, 2017

Maybe it is just that simple. By only giving ourselves space and time to breathe we can change ourselves on a deeper level. Life started here. Taking our first breath when we were born and as we go through life we tend to forget this precious gift of exhaling and inhaling life.


There is also something magical that happens when we get down to something so simple. The magic of gratitude. Which little by little opens our hearts, reminding us of the small things in life, which we so often take for granted.


This small action of breathing can tell us so many things about ourselves. Just like yoga shows us the reflection of our inner world, so does breathing. Suddenly we are remembering to feel. Suddenly we remember to open our eyes fully and see the world around us as a curious child finds everything facinating. Its so easy to get caught up in our minds and the future...that we forget the beauty of the present(noticing the word in itself meaning gift). 


I see retreats as gifts to oneself. Sometimes we just need the gift of taking a few deep conscious inhales and exhales during the day to be reminded of our emotional state, but also to give space for gratitude of being alive. 





Being in the mountains gives you a sensation of being high above all your problems and a some what dreamy feeling...which always inspires me even more when cooking.


This retreat I truly connected with my intuition for a couple of new creations. One of them being a raw ginger cookie crumble made with almond crunch, cacao, ginger, carnation, cinnamon and dates with a fluffy pumpkin parfait and raw caramel sauce made with peanut butter and dates. Another one was the vibrant sushi beet rice with sesame oil and a creamy coconut pumpkin soup...


This place really makes me feel home and I can’t feel more grateful to keep coming back to this mountain top, giving me a sense of stillness and silence that I need to come back to time to time. The other day I sat on the floor in the dojo overlooking the mountains whilst writing the end of my book, with the sun rays in my face and the Tibetan prayer flags peacefully dancing in the wind...a priceless moment I will keep in my heart for a long time..


Sending you all lots of Gratitude and Love


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